If you spend even the shortest amount of time flipping through the television channels or scrolling on your social media feed you are bound to see scenes and read news that could cause your heart to be troubled.

30-PeaceIt seems never ending and this can cause your heart to ache from worry and fear. God doesn’t want this for you. He wants your thoughts and your heart to be peaceful.

We’ve become so accustomed to being worried about life issues that we no longer recognize it as an abnormal state.

Jesus wouldn’t have said my peace I leave with you (John 14:27) if it were not possible for us to live in a place of peace on a daily basis. It does not have to be your norm that you wake up, go through your day and go back to bed worried and afraid. You can live in peace and have a heart which is not troubled.

How is this possible Nerissa?

We can have a heart filled with peace when we know the God of peace. When you believe that He loves you and despite the troubles in your life He is with you, that will provide an assurance and stability that transcends what we’ve come to expect as the normal way of living. We can speak with confidence of His blessings and love, that will enable us to overcome despite the odds.

Do not allow the news around you to shake your faith and make you believe that you won’t make it. Your business will succeed. Your relationships will be stable and strong. Your health will turn around.

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