7 Things to Set the Atmosphere for your Speaking Success

event-officeYou would be amazed the difference it makes to the success of your training or speaking event when the atmosphere in the room is just right by the time your attendees walk in. That may be a bit of a challenge if you are not the organiser and only the trainer or speaker but it is in your best interest to know what the space looks and feels like.

A few years back I took a protocol course and the instructor suggested that we set the room right with incense. I hadn’t noticed until she said it that the room, which I’d been in many times before, was now lightly scented and always felt very welcoming. We don’t always notice when things are right but we definitely know when they are wrong.

She made sure that although only teaching a workshop, the room was inviting. This included, the positioning of tables and chairs so everyone could have good visibility to view the presentation.

  1. Upon accepting the invite to speak, let the organises know your seating requirements and ask if they can be facilitated. If they are unable to accommodate you then you have time to adjust your presentation to suit.
  2. When speaking at someone’s event, ask that you be allowed to see the space a day before where possible or at least a few hours before the event, with enough time to ask for changes to the room set up.
  3. If it is your event and you are using someone’s space, do a walk through at least a week before to check line of sight to the podium and screens.
  4. If you are recording the event, ask the videographer to view the space with you and guide you on where the cameras will be set up to make sure that your event is captured in the best way. Know the best places to stand for lighting and visual impact.
  5. Do a sound check and test out the Projector the day of your event.
  6. Ensure that your laptop or device can integrate with their equipment.
  7. Get to the event space at least 30 minutes before to do a last check and to be ready to welcome your attendees. This will give you a chance to learn about a few of them and it may give you ideas of how you can refer to what they do within your presentation.

Public speaking and training can be more enjoyable for you and have a greater impact for your audience when you set the right atmosphere.

I wish you success.