6 Ways to Let your Passion find you

All the experts are telling you to start a business from your passion. Do something that gives meaning to your life and has purpose.
You’ve got bills to pay and no money to go traipsing across the globe searching for this elusive passion and purpose. Passion and her sister needs to find you right where you are.
Guess what? They can and here’s how.
Wake Up
We miss so much when we spend our lives planning for one fine day when all of our troubles are over in the sweet by and by. You miss the opportunity to learn from the challenge you are going through because you have numbed yourself into thinking you can fantasize your way out of the pain and into the good life. Use your fantasy world as the basis for manifesting what you want. You can target your thoughts and pay attention to the inspired actions that reveal themselves. Once you see it, then choose to take a step revealed towards your goal. Life is lived with your eyes wide open so wake up and live it.
Deal with today
Whatever the current responsibilities are in your life…deal with them. If you are in debt work on a strategy to pay your way out of it. Debts have a way of piling up when you miss a payment or pay only the minimum. Reducing or eliminating your debt is possible with diligence and making sacrifices. If you are working your way through school, stick with it. Have screaming babies and a messy house while trying to run your online business? Hang in there. Babies grow up and they will be able to help you clean house. Your online business will take off so you will be able to hire help to grow it and to keep your life in order.
Learn something new
As we grow the things that inspire and move us to action will change. I would have never considered myself a very violent person UNTIL I had children. Then I realized there wasn’t a whole lot I wouldn’t consider doing if it meant protecting them. Be open to learning from the experiences you are having now to discover new things about yourself and the world around you. Take a class outside of your normal area of interest. Learning is never wasted as you can never UNknow.
Solve a Problem
My desire to be a great mother meant I wanted to be with my children for as long as possible. Watching one of my girls crying miserably after being dropped off at nursery, fueled my desire to start a school which could handle their various personalities and styles of learning. I didn’t realize I had a deep love for teaching until I saw myself and my children in this new space. I continue to learn what age groups I’m most comfortable interacting with, which allows me to adapt my teaching style to handle the areas where I’m not.
Love your Life Right Now
No one has the perfect life. There will always be some area we want to tweak and have more in. Might as well be thankful for what you have, which is life. Find joy in the simplicity of being able to read this article, walk, laugh, eat, and hug a friend. When we are grateful for what we have and in love with our life just the way it is right now, it transmits an energy to attract even more things to love and be grateful for.
Know that you are Enough
You don’t need to lose weight to be happy, find the love of your life to feel fulfilled or have oodles of cash to be successful. You are enough right now. You can be happy if you choose gratitude over depression. You can be fulfilled when you accept that you are already the love you need. You are successful right now because you have decided to pursue excellence, stand in your own power and speak and live with integrity.
Nerissa Golden is an award-winning Media Strategist, Business Coach and author who helps her clients accelerate their business growth by leveraging high impact communications solutions and income generating strategies. Get tips on starting and growing a business at www.trulycaribbean.net. Follow her on Twitter @trulygolden.