6 Things I’m Giving Up to Flourish in 2019

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about her plans for 2019. Her response. I’m retiring!

I wanted to know what she meant by that as she is still fairly young, works for herself and has always moved to her own beat.

She said she was retiring. Not from work but from people and ways of being that wasn’t serving her. Well, that got me thinking about all the things I had already begun to change so that this year could continue to be better than those before.

Here’s my list.

1. Excuses. I used to say the same amount of time it takes to come up with an excuse you can come up with a solution. However, I have found myself repeating excuses that I have heard from other people and now they were all personalised. That’s crazy! When did I become that excuse creator? So no excuses in 2019.

2. People Pleasing. The average Joe and Janet on the street are not an issue. It is the friends, associates and family who you somehow bend yourself into a pretzel to accommodate when it doesn’t serve you and usually leaves you stressed. No more of that. Helping someone should give you joy. If stress is the outcome, then you are doing a job that is meant for someone else. You may also be doing it for all the wrong reasons.

3. Putting Myself Last. I am a mom. Guess who gets priority in my life this year? Me. That’s such a tough one to do but I have been taking baby steps for a while and I love the results. The children are also happier in the long run because mom is not shouting at them or stressing.

4. Hoarding. I don’t hoard regular stuff like shoes and clothes or even books. Nope. This girl hoards social media pages and other virtual stuff I swear I will get to one day. One day hasn’t happened yet and so recently I began to purge. Great ideas that haven’t seen the light of day but they have not only been taking up virtual space, they make me feel like a failure. I see them daily and they add to overwhelm because I haven’t handled them yet. I also removed myself as administrator on social media pages and websites that I no longer engage with and I feel so much lighter.

5. Eating Whenever. For women, food like hair are probably two of the things we believe we have total control of in our lives. You can’t tell me what to put in my mouth or how often. We get so much different information about eating four square meals a day or is it six smaller meals. It varies depending on the channel and the day. I’ve begun intermittent fasting with a 16:8 pattern. Meaning I have all my meals between noon at 8PM and then no food for the other 16 hours. Amazingly I feel great. You’ve got to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated in the interim but my body is thanking me for it. My desire is to be consistent with this but I do not beat myself up if I don’t quite make it to 16:8 daily. This isn’t a fad for me. I need to so I can take care of my body better.

6. Ignoring the Numbers. How much money do you actually need each month to meet your needs? Do you know? Now I do. I used to spend what I had.  A recipe for disaster. It doesn’t matter if it is $50 budget or a $50,000. Do the math. How much is for rent, your child’s school fees, transportation, eating out? When you know these numbers you can’t unknow them and it makes a difference in how you function. You immediately become aware when you are close to your limit and I have found I can consciously tell myself we don’t need that so leave it. Knowing your personal numbers are as important as knowing the ones for your business.

To make space for new things and good things we’ve got to get rid of the old and find new ways of thinking and being. I want to Flourish in 2019 and every year after this one and I hope you do too. Is there anything you would retire from in 2019 that’s not on my list? Share it in the comments.
You can still download the Flourish 2019 Planner here…bit.ly/2F7uk99