5 Ways for Island Moms to Rock Their Business in 2019

I had the pleasure of sharing five ways mompreneurs can improve their business in 2019 on www.islandmomsrock.com.

This is a great platform run by Dynel Lang, a Caribbean mom living on St Croix, USVI.

  1. Network. Your net worth directly correlates to your network. This is time to not only foster better personal relationships but to find and expand our network to include people who can add value to our business. This means finding new people to follow and interact with on social media. Who are the people dominating in the way you want to? Seek them out and connect with them.

Check the full list here —> https://www.islandmomsrock.com/2018/12/21/5-ways-for-island-moms-to-rock-their-business-in-2019/