5 Seconds to Make an Impression – Your Profile Photo

5 secondsIt takes five seconds or less to make an impression whether good or bad.

How is your social media profile helping you with this?

More than the words you say, its the images that tell the tale. We are visual creatures and its pretty hard to believe you will handle my business needs well if your business or personal profile shows you drink in hand, acting wild or showing too much cleavage.

Although it is said that we should not judge a book by its cover, it is still very important that the first image we see makes us want to look deeper to learn more.

Do a profile check today.

For your business profile, invest in some professional shots of you which show you in the way that you want your clients to see you.

On your personal profile, the image should still show you in the best positive light.

Remember also to review old profiles that you have not updated in a while. Delete them if you are no longer in need of them.