15 Ways to Leverage Your Webinar Content

Every where I turn online someone is hosting a webinar or live video chat. That’s a lot of great content packed into a 10-minute or hour-long experience and it doesn’t have to disappear once your event is over. You can leverage your webinar content to produce at minimum 15 pieces of content. Keep reading to see how you can triple that number.

We each have different preferences for how we consume content and where we go to find it. Here are 15 ways to extend the life of your content and have it reach more people than those who viewed the initial broadcast.

  1. Blog posts. Did your webinar cover more than one subject? You can produce one blog post per topic.
  2. FAQ post. If you allowed the audience to ask questions, turn their queries into a frequently asked post for what ever platform you choose. You can pull out your response and/or your guest’s response.
  3. YouTube. Post the full replay on your YouTube channel. You can choose to premiere it and allow the audience to respond in real time. Join the chat to answer any questions or share relevant information that may have been missed in the original broadcast.
  4. YouTube Shorts. I bet you and your guest dropped some gold nuggets all through the webinar. Cut those nuggets out and post them on your YouTube channel one at a time.
  5. Instagram story. Those nuggets will be great for your IG stories. You can also save them as highlights so people can go back to grab the tips whenever they need to.
  6. Instagram Reels. Show the full webinar on IG TV or use those nuggets for short two and three-minute clips.
  7. Instagram feed. In your feed post a graphic of a memorable quote from the webinar.
  8. Facebook graphic. Post the memorable quote as a graphic.
  9. Facebook story. You can now link you Instagram and Facebook stories. Share the same content here. If you know that your FB fans are completely different to the IG fans, then give them some unique content that you know fits their needs.
  10. WhatsApp Status. You can also add short clips or the graphics in your WhatsApp status.
  11. Facebook video. Videos between three and five minutes do really well on Facebook. Pull out a segment of the webinar which you believe can have a great impact and people will want to share.
  12. LinkedIn Article. While you can share links on LinkedIn and encourage people to visit your blog, posting organic content which readers can experience without leaving the app is an important way to build your audience and deliver value.
  13. LinkedIn Graphic. Post those memorable quotes here with an encouragement for people to visit your blog or channel to watch the webinar or to learn more.
  14. LinkedIn Video. LinkedIn is encouraging and prioritizing video. Use this opportunity to show us some of the best moments and your thought leadership.
  15. Twitter. I bet there were some tweetable moments in your webinar. Make sure Twitter audience knows.

While I have presented 15 options for your webinar content, you can produce at least three or more pieces for each platform, which actually gives you about 45 pieces of content at minimum. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Make sure as many people get the opportunity to learn from the webinars and other products you are releasing into the marketplace.

I believe it is time to #tellyourstory.

I help Caribbeanpreneurs and women executives to leverage modern storytelling strategies to share ideas that transform lives and build thriving businesses. I am a mentor, business strategist, a certified Business Continuity Specialist and the author of Start, Grow, Thrive: Build a Business to Last and seven other books.

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