Hello, I’m Nerissa, and my goal is to help you tell engaging and impactful stories which can change the world.

Maybe you are ready to introduce yourself and your business to your clients or you have a message that needs to be translated into language that everyday people can understand and act upon. I want to help you achieve this.

Maybe you have not been able to get started on that book you know needs to be written or to complete your manuscript which has been languishing for some time. Let us do it together.

You may be wondering, who wants to hear my story or how can my business stand out in a world with so much noise and competition?

I’ve been there and my life and business were transformed when I learned how to align my internal story with the vision and the message that I shared with the world. Learning to tell your story is much more than following a cookie cutter process of tips and tricks.

Together we will unravel the narrative which is uniquely your own and craft a message which will excite and invite others to join you on your journey.

Are you ready?

Contact me today if you would like to book a discovery workshop for you and your team.

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  2. I honestly think that you deserve your surname. Feels like you are out to conquer the world, and surely will. Nerissa Girl, you have energy and are a real inspiration. Add to that, the bee-you-tee-full smile that you are blessed with! Keep up the very good work. I am definitely a fan.

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