Do You Have CV Schizophrenia?

How many versions of your *curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is sitting in a folder on your computer? There was a time I counted at least 10. I was searching for a new job and was recreating myself over and over to show myself as the ideal person for the advertised job. While I had […]


Divorce the Emotion to Grow Your Business

Emotions I need a divorce! Does that sound harsh? Since we’re talking about business, no it is not. Often as women we launch businesses from places of need. And rightly so. A business that solves problems other people will pay for is what you want. However, if you plan to grow beyond that initial stage […]

Carol Sankar speaking at LEAP Antigua.

How Confident Are You Ladies?

Women don’t show up until they have the perfect script. Carol Sankar What are you waiting on to show up and make your mark? That was the question I began to ask myself as I reflected on Carol Sankar’s presentation during #LEAPAntigua this past week. I enjoyed having only to sit and take in the […]


LEAP Into Your Business

I was so excited when my colleague Sandra Baptist told me her conference was going to be called !LEAP! It is the name of one of the workshops I often conduct with young people about starting a business, but it is also the action that everyone in business must take on a regular basis. Humans […]


!LEAP! Coming to Antigua in May

I’ve been seeing much more of Antigua in recent months and I don’t mind it one bit. Next month, I’ll be joining my colleague Sandra Baptist, who I’ve come to admire as an astute business woman, for her !LEAP!. It is a conference for entrepreneurs and small and medium business owners. Sandra is bringing together […]